Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie

Your special day should celebrate you, and your taste, reflecting everything that you love. Your lingerie for the day should be no exception. From getting ready with your bridesmaids, until the honeymoon suite you should feel luxurious from head to toe.

There are a number of things to take into consideration for your big day:

- Do you want to wear matching gowns with your bridesmaids while you get ready?

A bride can stand out in the pre-wedding photos in a white gown while the rest of the bridal party sports a gown in the wedding theme colours.
Should the gowns be embroidered with each person's role on the big day?
What textures are best - lace, satin, or fleece for the Winter season. It is your day and your choice.

- The colour of your underwear under your wedding gown 

It is important to take into consideration the colour of your dress as this will impact your choice in underwear - remember that dark colours can be easily revealed under white.
Some brides choose to have their underwear as their "something blue" option.

- The texture and style of your underwear

It is important to be aware of the texture of your underwear and how it will affect your dress. No bunching or hooking of material is important. It is essential that you are comfortable and that you lingerie fits you properly. A Wedding Day is a long day and nobody wants to fuss over uncomfortable straps or improperly fitting items.
If your gown is strapless it may be wise to consider either a strapless bra, silicon nipple covers or breast tape.

- Garters and stockings

Traditionally the Bride wears a garter under her dress to be found later at the reception. Ensure sizing is right and that it fits comfortably on your thigh without cutting off circulation or falling off. It may help to try different heights on your thigh. Also make sure that it does not have anything that could potentially hook on your dress.

If you choose stockings ensure that they are comfortable and suit the shoe that you have chosen.

If you aren't sure of what you should wear for your Wedding Day enlist the assistance of an expert in the field. Go for a fitting to check your sizing and ensure that you are happy and feel sexy and confident in the items that you have chosen.

All the best for your Big Day! ♥

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